Hidden Treasure

Aug 6, 2023    Warren Whitaker

No, we are not talking about "The Rock" aka Dwayne Johnson. We are talking about THE ROCK, JESUS CHRIST. Today Warren is preaching on Psalm 119. It is the longest Psalm in the Bible, coming in at a whopping 176 verses. Each stanza in this Psalm is praising the goodness and prosperity that comes from the Word of God.

We gain security from the word as we apply it to our lives. We need to remember to praise Him for the blessings and joys we find in following His Word. We don't want to forget to walk in the paths He sets before us if we want to receive these blessings. One of the reasons many Christians find their life falling apart is not because God doesn't love them, or they didn't go to church, or they didn't read their Bible, it's because they didn't act on what they read. He who hears Jesus' words and puts them into practice, builds on the rock!