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The Resurrection Changes Everything

From the Friday Jesus was crucified to the day of Pentecost, so much changed in the lives of Jesus’ followers.  What was God doing?  Scared and hiding in the upper room, leaving Jerusalem, returning to the place Jesus called them from – we find Jesus’ disciples and family in uncertain circumstances.  This series will look at Resurrection Appearances to examine the change that happened in the lives of these early Christ followers and offer us guidance in dealing with life when we don’t understand what God is doing.

Our Mission

Cornerstone Christian Church
We are a church who believes in making disciples who LOVE God and others, GROW to be like Jesus, spiritually mature in thought and deed, and SERVE together faithfully making disciples.

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Whether you're looking for small groups to join or finding the right Sunday school for your family, we offer numerous opportunities for people to gather together in community weekly.  

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Sunday morning Bible Studies for all ages @ 9:15am
Sunday morning Worship service @ 10:30am