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What's in a Name - I Am

There is significance in many Biblical names. None more significant that what God revealed of Himself.  In Exodus 3 we see God give Moses His name: I Am. In Hebrew, the name is YahWeh, but because there are no vowels in the written Hebrew, it was simply spelled, "YHWH." We pronounce it today by breathing in and breathing out, YH-WH, YH-WH. Every breath we take we are calling upon God's name. He is everything we will ever need. Over the next few weeks, Warren will lead us on a journey of God's name by studying the  "I Am" statements of Jesus. Each of these statements will reveal how Jesus meets our needs as our Savior. 

Our Mission

Cornerstone Christian Church
We are a church who believes in making disciples who LOVE God and others, GROW to be like Jesus, spiritually mature in thought and deed, and SERVE together faithfully making disciples.

We welcome all.

Whether you're looking for small groups to join or finding the right Sunday school for your family, we offer numerous opportunities for people to gather together in community weekly.  

Gathering Times

Sunday morning Bible Studies for all ages @ 9:15am
Sunday morning Worship service @ 10:30am